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Our therapists use their experience in the following techniques to design each massage to suit your individual needs:

Why Choose Sachi Massage?​

  • Your actual bodywork time lasts 30, 60, 90 minutes - as long as the represented time.

  • Our therapists are self-employed and highly motivated.

  • No Membership. 

Chelsea Campbell, Licensed Massage Therapist

I received my massage education at Bellevue Massage School in Washington State and graduated in 2012.  Over the past decade I’ve found fulfillment in a career path as a massage therapist, refining and perfecting my craft and deepening my understanding of the structural body.

I specialize in deep tissue, sports, medical/injury, pre and postnatal massage, as well as cupping and percussion therapy.  I treat a range of patients from athletes and medical professionals to your everyday working person.  I focus on assisting each patient individually to achieve their optimal health and wellness goals through massage therapy.  I am passionate about the positive effects massage has on the body and mind.

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Ali Ogle, Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage is not my job, it’s my passion.  I have been practicing my passion full time since 2005 after graduating from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland.  My specialty is Deep Tissue and post injury rehabilitation.  I also have training and experience in Swedish, Pre-Natal, and Oncology massage. 


Here is what some of my loyal clients have to say about my work:

 “Ali is an exceptional massage therapist.  Her knowledge of massage as well as Deep Tissue technique has resolved many of my physical complaints . . . she attacks my troubled spots with enthusiasm.”

-Valerie (client since 2007)

 “I have had multiple surgeries and subsequent therapies as part of my recovery from an auto accident. I am very careful as to who I let work on me.  Ali is outstanding!  I won’t let any other massage therapist work on me.”

-Trish (client since 2005)

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