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 Sylvia A. Randall, Ph.D.

Sylvia has been a practicing psychotherapist for over 30 years.  She works with individuals on relationship issues, anxiety and phobia, PTSD, and depression. She works with couples to increase effective communication and deepen levels of mutual understanding and empathy.

Sylvia received her bachelor degree from McGill University in Montreal and her Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Purdue University in Indiana.. Sylvia was first licensed in California and had an active practice in Palo Alto since 1968, including teaching graduate school in San Francisco and founding and directing the Couples Resource Center ( since 1986. The Center provided both individual couples work and small couples groups specializing in teaching communication skills to couples.

 She offers an optional no-charge initial 30 minute meeting and has a sliding fee scale.  She is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider.

 Sylvia is an interactive therapist and will often suggest reading or give “homework” to both the individuals and the couples with whom she works. This tends to hasten positive results. Her outlook concerning couples work is that all long-term relationships are, by their nature, at times challenging. Learning mutual listening skills and increasing empathic understanding, can prevent and even heal the inevitable rough spots.

Lydia Byhardt Bollinger, LCSW

Remember the Joy! Counseling and Consultation

Lydia completed her Master's in Social Work focusing on working with children and families.  She earned certificates in both Marriage and Family Therapy and Trauma Counseling, and has continued her education studying child development, parenting skills, and interpersonal neurobiology.  She became a licensed clinical social worker in 2003.  Lydia has worked with parents and children ages 3-17 in schools, outpatient settings, and day treatment programs.  Lydia believes strongly in supporting children to understand transition, using their communication style of fewer words and more art, puppets, and role play.

Lydia's business is called "Remember the Joy" because her goal is to support families to remember the joy that brought them to become a family in the first place, despite the difficulties they may be having now.

Lydia is fluent in Spanish, and has been teaching classes and stress management seminars (Transformations: from Stres to Wellness) for over 4 years.  She delivers staff trainings for private and governmental agencies on working with at-risk families


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