Digital Infrared Thermal Imagining (DITI) is a non-invasive test of physiology. It detects the subtle physiologic changes that can accompany certain pathologies (cancer, fibrocystic disease, infection or vascular disease). There is no radiation involved, it is painless, there is no body contact with equipment, and it is FDA approved. 


Karmen Lawson, Certified Clinical Thermographer

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   Donna London, MSN, FNP-BC


   My goal with every patient, is to create a piece of work that is unique and specifically designed to compliment/enhance their individual facial shape and features.

   As a Registered Nurse for almost 22yrs, the last 5 years of my career have been completely devoted to facial and body enhancement procedures. I am continually learning and perfecting this art to assure my clients recieve the BEST possible outcome available!


   I have been specially trained and certified in the areas of Permanent cosmetic procedures (eyebrows, eyeliner and lips), cosmetic injectables including Dermal Fillers (Radiesse and Juvederm), Botox®, Sclerotherapy, Laser services and Medical Grade Chemical Peels. 


   I am a proud member of the American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals.    

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